This is fairly a common question among most affiliate marketers. for once i owned around 30 Odd websites and there were times when i used to have a Blog roll section with all the 30 links on all the 30 sites. None of them (or most of them) were notRead More →

While i have been constantly asked on what people should do to get their rankings high on Google  the answer seems to be a little more than an hour of lecture from me.  While most of my clients are new to the website business, Explaining SEO is often a tough thing.Read More →

OK I am not a guru but when it comes to Guru’s I have some reference’s… For most webmasters, Matt Cutt’s is not a newbie. Here he discusses some of the mistakes which are repeated by Webmasters time and again and what we need to correct. For the most partRead More →

From Matt Cutt’s Video again, Matt Cutts answers why Multiple listings are shown on search results for certain keywords from the same domain. Now everyone would have experienced this kind of frustration before. Last i saw a keyword list Over 90 Results in just 14 page (that is 90/140) fromRead More →

This is a funny Video Depicting what business owners think and how differently Web users think. while Business owners may think Atheletic Footwear, Web users think Running Shoes. The difference may not really exist in a normal sense but if you think carefully, hardly 10% of the people who wantRead More →

Domain Purchases were a trend since the past 5-6 years now probably a bit more. The Trend of purchasing a domain with high quality keywords which are ranked are easy for most people to be a bait for. The problem though is not understanding the consequences of the action theRead More →

Matt Cutt’s Video above gives use a clear idea on what you can expect this summer.  for the most part, Black hat SEO Guys need to get busy soon. the White hat and Gray hat guys may not really worry. Panda may get a bit of easy with some ofRead More →

A vehicle Fleet management software is a computer program which assists in creating reports and help manage alerts regarding to due dates on various tasks including Services and Insurance. on a much wider scale, Vehicle fleet management software are usually programs where you enter data regarding 1. Vehicle Service dates 2. FuelRead More →

A vehicle Fleet manager is a position given to a person in a company to manage a fleet of vehicles. Most organizations run their own fleet and require someone to manage the vehicles on a daily basis. The vehicle fleet manager is usually responsible for a range of tasks includingRead More →

Vehicle Fleet Software were first incorporated in 1970’s. The software initially were meant to keep track of the Fleet of cars and other vehicles in a company or by the government. These software were meant to calculate costs per vehicle, fuel consumption and expense incurred by the vehicle on multiple levels and purposes. They were segregatedRead More →