Managing your fleet has gained lot of importance these days owing to the increasing fuel prices and driver shortages. A properly managed fleet benefits in accurately managing the fuel consumption, maximising the satisfaction level of drivers, increasing profitability thereby retaining the customers. Vinity Soft Vinity Soft Fleet Manager is anRead More →

Vinity Soft is a vehicle tracking or fleet management software which meets all the essential needs with regard to managing a vehicle fleet. The system is user friendly and keeps your tracking much faster. The servicing reports are all up-to date and can be customized by any user. Vinity softRead More →

Vinity Soft is a vehicle tracking software from Sitting in the convenience of your office or home, you can track all the vehicles in your fleet wherever they are. It is very useful for fleet owners and other business owners who use a number of vehicles. Vinity Soft hasRead More →

A vehicle Fleet management software is a computer program which assists in creating reports and help manage alerts regarding to due dates on various tasks including Services and Insurance. on a much wider scale, Vehicle fleet management software are usually programs where you enter data regarding 1. Vehicle Service dates 2. FuelRead More →

A vehicle Fleet manager is a position given to a person in a company to manage a fleet of vehicles. Most organizations run their own fleet and require someone to manage the vehicles on a daily basis. The vehicle fleet manager is usually responsible for a range of tasks includingRead More →

Vehicle Fleet Software were first incorporated in 1970’s. The software initially were meant to keep track of the Fleet of cars and other vehicles in a company or by the government. These software were meant to calculate costs per vehicle, fuel consumption and expense incurred by the vehicle on multiple levels and purposes. They were segregatedRead More →

when you are looking at a Vehicle Fleet manager Software there are certain things which you would expect. You would want to know what your expense is on any particular vehicle , May be you would like a reminder on insurance and also driver details on one particular vehicle. MostRead More →

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