Keyword research Basics – Get it right the first time or Lose time and Money

Its a tricky thing, Words. Generally when we talk, the right words, put in the wrong order or time could create a very bad effect. On the contrary, You would find that words, though irrelevant, at the right time and in the right way could break the ice almost instantly. Keyword research is as complicated as human psychology. You really dont understand what the other person is dont know what keywords will work. But keywords can be tamed. It can be used to your benefit and with time and effort, you can learn the skills to master keyword research.

Let me tell you this. I spend more than 30 hours a month on Keyword research. Thats a lot of time, but then i own 45 websites and it requires at least half a day for each of these sites to get things right. If i lose focus, i am sure i am going to screw up. People are going to write long articles on keywords which may never rank. There is going to be a lot of time wasted. There is money going down the drain. Worse? you lose hope on a site, Completely.

What should you look at when you are researching for keywords?

A few factors come into play when you are looking for keywords. For instance, Keywords for Site A and Site B, Both on the same niche will have variation in keyword difficulty, though the sites are for the same niche. Let me explain.

There are 2 sites. and Both deal with the same product and we had to write about the same keyword. Lets assume Growing indoor with hydroponics. If we had a chance to put the same article on both the sites, we found that one of the sites ranked at least 10 points better than the other. Reason? One of the site has more content on Hydroponics than the other. Generally google looks at a few factors , which include related content and keywords. If there are a lot of content on Hydroponics then that page will rank better for hydroponic related keyword. It makes sense after all.

But is there a way to get the site which is ranking low for a particular keyword to rank better? Yes. Thats where Link building comes in. We will discuss link building in a seperate post, But for now , lets stick on to Plain Keyword research.

#1 :  Look for RELATED keywords on your site. Find the set of keywords you are ranking well already (if you are already established) and go broad on those keywords. If your blog is on Weight loss drops, and you are ranking moderately well for the brand names, Try the next step. Try Related keywords to HCG Weight loss drops, Raspberry ketone WEight loss drops etc. May be you could check out how you are ranking for the keyword WEight loss drops itself and try ranking for it. But wait. Dont go overboard and try to write an article on Weight loss and hope that it would rank. ITs not happening in one month, One Year or a life time unless you do a lot more work behind the scene.

#2 : Understanding Longtail Keywords :  Lot of people get this wrong. Way too wrong. When i put forward the proposal to incorporate Long tail keywords on to the site, a lot of people in the team were skeptical. They were not sure why we would want to write 300 articles on a single product. Imagine writing  300 articles on Amazon Kindle, with titles ranging from “The benefits of owning a kindle today”, ” where to buy Kindle for the Best price in the market” and 300 odd articles with such titles. It could be difficult to even come up with content for some of the titles. But wait. We werent going to need an entire article for each of the long tail keywords we are using. We just needed a small section on an article with the longtail keyword.

For instance, The keyword “sex on Tuft and needle mattress” ranks on the 11th position for I searched through the entire article and found the keyword once in the entire article and it was a subtitle. Thats a long tail keyword which gets only 10 searches a month. But if it was incorporated well into the article, it could rank a bit higher to get some clicks.

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