Top 10 Features of Cell Phone or Mobile Device Tracking

Top 10 Features of Cell Phone or Mobile Device Tracking

Mobile Spywares or Mobile device tracking is as much a boon as well as a bane. It allows anyone to keep track on their phone in case it is lost or stolen. This spying is the greatest help for parents who wants to keep an eye on all the activities their children will be doing and a relief for employers who want to stop any spying on their confidential data. The top 10 features of this kind of tracking are:

1. GPS Tracking and locator: The foremost useful feature is to track the route, the target mobile phone has travelled and the exact location of it at any given time. All these details are documented with screen shots in the spy’s online account.

2. Geofencing: This is another unique feature that helps the spy to fence a particular area on the map and mark it as safe or danger zone. When the target mobiles happen to leave or enter the border of this area, an alert will be sent to notify. Real time surround recording is another feature that helps the spy to know what the target person is doing and to make sure whether or not he or she is a suspect and help the parents to know if their children are in safe group or not.

3. All the contact details saved in the phone is visible to the employer or parent or any other spy using this software. They can even make a call from their cell phones and make it appear from the target phone to avoid suspicions.

4. Track calls: It keep track on all the calls made from the target mobile or received by that. The call log will be updated every time a call is made and even recording the calls are possible.

5. Messages: All kinds of messages whether SMS, MMS, chat messages made and received will be documented with time and date. Even the deleted messages can be regained.

6. All the multimedia files saved in the device is visible from the control panel of the spyware through internet access.

7. Emails that are sent and received are also tracked.

8. The web history of visited pages and bookmarks made are also documented and viewed anytime.

9. Another feature is to take live photographs of the surroundings with a remote command made through secret message.

10. Erase all the data in the target phone with a command send through message or made from the control panel.

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