Mageworx – Magento Extensions – Mageworx SEO Tools

Mageworx – Magento Extensions – Mageworx SEO Tools

Mageworx, an innovating, top-performing Magento Solutions provider, is an American-based company with its headquarters at Minneapolis, MN, USA. Magento Open Source Ecommerce is an open-source content management system for a basic e-Commerce platform. Mageworx provides Extensions – the ultimate Magento Solutions for any e-commerce website. Mageworx Extensions Store comprises.

  • Mageworx -SEO Tools
  • Mageworx -Product Management
  • Mageworx -Price Management
  • Mageworx – Shopping Cart Tools
  • Mageworx – Back-end Tools
  • Mageworx – Search Solutions
  • Mageworx – Customer Loyalty
  • Mageworx – Gifting
  • Mageworx – Other Magneto Solutions
  • Mageworx – Savvycube Magneto Analytics

Mageworx – SEO Tools:

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is the process of generating traffic to our website from various types of search results on search engines. Search results are generated by using free, organic, editorial or natural search. Mageworx provides three main SEO tools:

  • SEO Suite Ultimate Magento Extension
  • SEO Suite Pro Magento Extension
  • Sitemap Suite Magento Extension

a. Mageworx –SEO Suite Ultimate is an effective all-in-one SEO solution which cuts search optimization workload and thus improves the online visibility of a Magento-based website in a dramatic way. The website page rankings have very adverse affect if it has duplicate content or identical content. Taking care of that is one of major concern of any content management system. Duplicate content or identical content affects

The main features of Mageworx SEO Suite Ultimate Magento Extension are as follows:

  • Advanced HTML and XML sitemaps which allow you to boost SEO result at ease and provides a high-ranking in Search Engines efficiently and effortlessly.
  • Comes with dynamic templates that help in optimizing all meta data on product and category pages.
  • Enhanced features like on page SEO for layered navigation pages as well as for product reviews pages.
  • Provides Rich Snippets optimization.
  • Rel=canonical and rel=next/prev tags to solve duplicate content issues effectively.
  • Generates a detailed overview of all onsite factors that can influence website rankings in a negative way.
  • New Hreflang Tag Support and good website indexation.
  • Mageworx SEO Suite Ultimate Magento Extension increases the site ranking potential by cutting SEO workloads and thus supports in gaining a sustainable flow of store visitors.

b. Mageworx- SEO Suite Pro is designed for small and medium –size Magento-based stores. SEO Suite Magneto Extension is a comprehensive set of tools that are required for effective onpage optimization that is essential for a successful website promotion campaign. This extension is very affordable and meets all SEO objectives of any developing online business. Mageworx SEO Suite Pro’s combined features like white-hat linking and ethical social sharing makes a good impact on online sales and will also improve the website visibility.

The unique features of Mageworx SEO Suite Pro Magento Extension are as follows:

  • Advanced XML Sitemap features that help in effective search engine crawling roadmap of the website.
  • Set correct indexation for all important pages by controlling access of web robots to specific pages in the website store.
  • Perfect duplicate content elimination with a rel=canonical tag, an essential tool in the search engine optimization toolbox.
  • Provides optimized rich snippets which boost website exposure in the organic search results.
  • Easily customizable HTML sitemap for site visitors to have an easy overview of the stored pages.
  • Advanced features for enhanced website rankings.

Mageworx SEO Suite Pro Magento Extension unique features turn the Magento store to a perfect search engine friendly machine.

c. Mageworx Sitemap Suite Magento Extension is a great tool for managing sitemaps. The well-organized HTML and XML Magento sitemaps generated by the Mageworx Sitemap Suite helps the site to easily crawl and optimize the navigation which in turn provides easily accessible store pages for customers and search engines.

The main features of the Mageworx Sitemap Suite Magento Extension are as follows:

  • Advanced XML sitemap features that are fully compliant with all Google requirements.
  • Provides user and SEO-friendly, detailed, fully customizable, and easy-to-create HTML sitemap of the Magento Store with helps in easy navigation for customers and better crawling for search engines and indexing of the store pages.
  • A hierarchical structural view of the store pages which provides a convenient overview of all pages.
  • Features to utilize image traffic potential and to improve Page Rank distribution throughout the website.
  • Mageworx Sitemap Suite Magento Extension is an efficient solution for improving site navigation and the crawling phase of SEO. It is an easily installable 100% open source Magento extension which generates, uploads and adjusts HTML and XML sitemaps.

Mageworx Services:

Mageworx gives its new and existing customers very high value-added services as and when they buy products from the Mageworx Magento Extension stores. The customer services include:

  • Customer Loyalty
  • Free Updates
  • Free Life-Time Support
  • 30 day Money Backup Period

Mageworx Customer Loyalty program guarantees good savings on each Mageworx Extension purchase to their new and existing customers. With each purchase of a Mageworx Extension, the customer earns reward points / internal credits. These credits can be used by the customers during their next orders of Mageworx Extensions either fully or partially. To know more about the Mageworx Customer Loyalty program, you can use the URL

Mageworx Software Free Updates is one of best service add-ons which aim at providing the Mageworx Magento Extension users an advantage of continual improvement to all software purchased. The customers are ensured that by investing in the top-performing software they are always privileged to get the best new features of Mageworx Magento Extensions. The Mageworx Software Free updates range from small tweaks and bug fixes to very significant software upgrades which will improve the software functionality. And the best part is all these updates are 100% free for life-time. Visit the URL to know more about Mageworx Software Free updates.

Mageworx Free Life-Time Support provides every customer a premium-class care service for life-time. Mageworx Support offers sales and technical support as well as installation and operational support for all their Magento Extensions. How to contact the Mageworx Support Team for Support is specified in this URL

Mageworx 30 day Money Backup Period is an unconditional money-back guarantee. Satisfied customers are assets and Mageworx also aim at providing the best quality products to its customers. The Mageworx 30 day Refund Policy is a hassle-free program where unsatisfied customers are given full refund within 30 days of purchase of any Mageworx Magento Extensions. To know how to apply for a refund, you can visit the URL

Mageworx rich Magento Extension store is one of the best innovative, top-performing software which aims at providing customers better experiences for Magento and thus helping the store owners acquire, convert and retain more customers.

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