Timelive Employee & Expense Tracker Software

Timelive Employee & Expense Tracker Software

Time management is extremely crucial for the fruitful running of any kind of business. If you aren’t maintaining at a rate of knots with the time then there are chances that you may not survive the tempest that is yet to hit. Optimizing time, money and productivity by controlling diverse variables is very much necessary to complete a project successfully. Usually all these work were done by professionals with complicated paperwork’s and other methods. But as we all know that we are staying in a world which is surrounded by technology and information that everything is kind of automated nowdays.

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Organizations and corporates use timesheet software’s to manage their time and projects in the best possible way. Using timesheets helps to forestall errors drastically and improves the performance of the project with the given time frame. It helps professionals to keep track on employees activities, money spent and all the expenses from time to time. The use of timesheets allow project management professionals and other perosnnels to cart out multiple tasks in an effortless mode. They don’t have to walk around asking about attendance of the employees and about the expense that has been incurred till date.

Now they can sit back and relax and view everything on their computer screens or android phones. These automated time sheets helps to carry out tasks like billing, expense management, employee attendance, task management and project management with the click of fingers.

In this article we will discuss about the best rated automated timesheet software called as TimeLive.

  • About timelive
  • Features of timelive web time sheet
  • Download TimeLive Mobile Time Tracking For Android & iPhone
  • Highlights of timelive software
  • Promotions and coupons
  • Customers choice
  • Conclusion

About Timelive

Time live web timesheet is an integrated suite for time recording , time tracking and time billing software. This simple suite is collection of modules that delivers high quality time tracking solutions for the corporate and professional service provides. Managing projects, time and employees is now a cakewalk with the help of timelive. TimeLive is primarily built in ASP .Net 4.0 with Visual Studio 2010 as the front-end. The database system used in TimeLive is Microsoft SQL.

Features Of Timelive Web Time Sheet

Timesheet features

  • This software allow custom periods for tracking the progress a particular project based any time slots. It supports daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and semi monthly based data formats.
  • Supports customized approval paths for projects and employees
  • Automatic email notifications and reminders about the project and other details that needs approval on a timely basis.
  • It helps to set up policies about working hours for different group of employees and locks the periods automatically. This will help to understand the minimum and maximum working hours of an employee group.
  • Customized reports can be generated with filters to select only the required data . You can create new reports or use the customized templates if required.
  • Audit trial feature which helps to track every input and modifications made on each timesheet.

Below is the screenshot of how a time entry week view will look like in the timelive software. It helps to track the start and end time of a project on a daily basis. This makes the concerned authority to be well informed about the status of the project by tracking the time.


Expense tracking

Managing expenses is very important to know how and when the cash in being used. Timelive software expense tracking module helps to carry out the following functions.

  • It helps to view expenses from time to time for every project and helps to enter the mileage for all the expenses that has been incurred.
  • Supports custom and multi-level approval paths for both projects and employees
  • Helps in conversion of currencies along with exchange rate history for all the date ranges mentioned in the project.
  • Helps to ascertain tax based on the regional policies and notifies you.
  • It also has an option that prompts whether a particular client should be billed or not for their expense sheets
  • Helps to track expense reimbursement and if already reimbursed then it its marked accordingly for reference purpose.
  • Sends notifications and email for pending approvals from the aprover and clients
  • It attaches expense receipts for later reference for the aprover.
  • Helps to create customized or new reports about the expenses for a particular time period by setting filters.

Below is the expense entry of a particular employee who has gone for a travel regarding the project. It shows all the details like travel method, payment method , currency rate, date of travel and other details. It also shows whether the amount has been reimbursed to the employee and whether the employee has submitted the expense sheet.

image (1)

Time-Off Tracking Features

This feature helps to setup timeframes for various policies to specify accruals and earning based on various time slots like years and months. It also helps to reset or carry forward balances of a specific period to a new period. This module supports multiple approval paths and sends timely notifications based on the inputs. Customized reports can be generated using filters so it basically easy to track the accruals and earnings periodically. When an employee is a not available it is directly updated in the timesheet as a “time off” status. This will let others know how long and what all days is that particular employee away from work.

Below is the screenshot that shows the “time off” feature. This template completely depicts when the employee has taken leave and how much time off is available for him. Timelive actually makes it easier to track employee attendance with zero errors.

image (2)

Time Billing Features

Supports multiple currency options to support client’s invoices and automatically specifies rates for billable entries.

It also shows how much time and expense is pending that has to be billed and that is already billed on specified dates.

You can customize the invoices according to the regional taxes or set it up manually. This module also helps to generate reports and displays your company logo on every invoice. You can provide logo and customize the invoices accordingly.

The timelive invoicing helps to track all the hours and expenses with a few clicks. It is very easy to access all the data and organize according to billable hours so that the whole billing process becomes easier.

All the invoices are stored in the dashboard so that you can quickly check any detail to track revenues and expenses. It also helps to set filters to generate reports and search for invoices.

Project Management & Budgeting

Timelive software helps to manage projects over the web integrated with time and expense modules. It helps to serve the very purpose of optimizing time and money spent over a project. It requires no training, learning curves and is the best tool in hand for all users.

  • It helps to controls the costs that are incurred during a project
  • Helps the project manager to keep in track of employees and timings
  • The timesheet gets updated whenever the project manager approves it and the status is depicted for easy reference.
  • Sends automated notifications to all the managers and the complete team about the projects
  • Helps in ascertaining risk factor regarding the projects before it is too late.
  • Compares the budget with time and cost that has already been invested
  • It has a cross project timesheet which helps to track the performance of team members with different projects that they are dealing with.
  • Timelive software employs Gantt chart to distribute resources in an optimal way so that time, money and manpower are managed promptly.

Project Timesheet & Expense

It helps both the finance department and project management team likewise by cutting down the costs and making it easy for managing the manpower. This electronic timesheet is can be used easily without any training. It is that simple and is complete user friendly software.

  • Enables to add notes to any project or timesheet
  • Helps to control the costs associated with the project by budgetary control and project budget.
  • Every updated data is shown along with the status for further reference.
  • Automated notifications and helps project managers to keep in pace with the expenses incurred.
  • Updated timesheets can be downloaded to track the progress of the projects.
  • Project expense tracking and helps to ascertain projects that are profitable
  • Enables to reject any timesheet and reverts the status back to the previous form.
  • Compares actual time and cost involved with estimated variables.
  • Helps in cross project timesheet reference and employs Gantt chart for depicting activities.

Commercial Open Source

This is one of the exciting features of timelive timesheet in which they actually offer source code and make changes of your own. It simply means you can purchase the source code and make any modifications according to your enterprise and management systems. This feature actually makes it useful and organizations can fully customize this software according to their business needs. Once an organization purchases the source code they can rebrand it and use with full ownership rights after getting a license. To know more rebranding and rights visit these pages. http://www.livetecs.com/sourcecode-license-agreement-rebranding/

Online Timesheet Services

Maintenance and using this software is completely easy and it is just a cakewalk. If you want to run your projects in the best manner then timelive can be the best alternative.

  • Easy implementation
  • No technical complications unlike other software as it is web based.
  • No worries about having a super-duper server or security patches. You can just sit back and relax thinking about your projects and profits that are to be earned.
  • This software enables the end user to work freely without having any hassles of installing and maintaining the software.
  • Timelive timesheet is hosted on a tier1 network which is monitored round the clock.
  • Provides free software updates and world-class data centers and HVAC systems.
  • Backups daily data’s from the clients
  • Responsive customer care team with unlimited access to telephone, email, live chat or direct support.
  • Private secure access and protection assured
  • Data recovery and disaster recovery planned backup
  • Secured backup network and optional archival of client data which is provided on demand.
  • You can opt for database backup and sync it with actual time sheet and the hosted database.
  • Nothing to install and no need to worry about server or the operating system you are using.
  • After purchase you can start using the software within two hours.
  • No technical personnel required at your organization to maintain timelive as everything is provided
  • All maintenance activities will be carried by timelive so your organization does not have to incur additional costs.
  • Timesheet software can be globally accessed and is monitored 24/7
  • This software does not put burden on your IT department and does not deal with the typical client server model. Everything is upgraded and solutions are provided by the timelive personnel from time to time.
  • You can subscribe this on a monthly basis and cancel it anytime later as there is no starting free. It is hostel online so it considerably reduces the cost that incurs on the IT department and saves additional resources.

On-Premises Features

In the on-premise version the installer is provided by timelive so that you can run the same in your system. But in this case all the databases and files are maintained in your own dedicated server. The on-premise version has minimal hardware requirements and can be installed on any windows based shared hosting system.

Unlike web based service the on-premise version requires a onetime payment for the package. You get 3 different types of tiers of support and upgrade plans in this on-premise version.

Download TimeLive Mobile Time Tracking For Android & iPhone

Now you can download this app on your smart device that will help you to keep track with your clients, employees and projects on the run. It empowers project managers and employees to update the timesheets then and there in these devices which is updated to the system automatically. Timesheet also enables to provide comments just like we do in the web browser. It helps managers to track employee attendance and billing activities in an easy manner with just a click. A data updated on a single device is reflected on all other devices and web timesheets instantly. This is great software for those who don’t wish to waste time.

Highlights Of Timelive Employee And Expense Tracker Software

  • You can set custom fields everywhere inside the timesheet regarding projects, employees and tasks. This makes it easy for organizations to tame the software for their very purpose.
  • Administrator can allow and disallow permission based on role and authority which is fully customizable
  • Customizable dashboard that helps to choose graphs and data’s while logging inside the software.
  • Generate reports as per your wish with any sort of filters for a given time period. Reports have a formula field option, grouping and header footer option so that more details can be added if necessary.
  • Available in multiple languages
  • You can export and import data via CVS files
  • Fully customizable email templates and notifications. You can set the language and reminders on your own.
  • Active directory integration to authenticate users to go ahead with the timesheets
  • Single on login feature
  • You change the words and use your own chosen words. For example you can change the name of “TIME OFF” to “LEAVE “then you can go and make the changes in the terminology which will be updated across the timesheet.
  • Promotions And Coupons While Purachsing This Software
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No 1 Customers Choice

I don’t have to tell anything more about this product as the following details is more than enough to speak for the product itself. This product is used by many big shots like National institute of health,US, Emirates airlines, NASA, Seimens USA, Cisco systems Inc and many more. For more details you can visit this and page and know yourself how popular this software is. Click here

Conclusion: Timelive is available in two version’s on-demand and on-premise and is best suited for organisations who find it hard to manage between time, money and people. This software enables project managers and concerned officials to handle tasks in a planned manner . It is a simple software that does not accompany any hardcore technical requirements from the users side. It is easy to use and no hassles regarding maintenance and updations. Everything is taken care by the service provider and while talking about data security then livetecs is the right place to shake hands with. Tracking employee details like time-offs, working hours , schedules and expenses regarding a project was never easier like what timelive provides us. The best feature which I liked in this software is that you can purchase the source code and make changes according to your needs. That is something that not every software vendor would allow to do. Overall this software receives a thumbs up for what it offers.

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