Earth Class Mail Office Mail Automation Services Reviewed

The 21st century is the age of digitalization and mail management is no exception. With several choices available in the market, avail mail management services anywhere anytime from the Best. Earth Class Mail Inc provides a modern makeover for office mail automation. You can transform the daily piles of mail, checks, invoices, and correspondence into digital documents and maintain them forever. Keep reading for the Reviews Of Earth Class Mail, How it Works, Earth Class Mail Competitors and more.

What Is Earth Class Mail?

Based in Beaverton, Oregon, Earth Class Mail (ECM), formerly known as Document Command and Remote Control Mail offers three Office Mail Automation services. Automatic Check Deposition, Integrate Invoices Seamlessly, Get important mails diverted to the right person and many more services are part of their services. Avail services at as low as $99 per month and high as $499 per month. Or get started with $49 Virtual Address plan for residential use that allows ten free scans.

Earth Class Mail Locations are available in various cities across the U.S, including USPS PO boxes, real street addresses or both. All clients’ mail and packages will forward to Beaverton, Oregon or to New York City for processing. And notification of your mail will be sent to you on an average of 1-2 days (may vary) after it is received. All three services include unlimited inbound mail & envelope scans, unlimited cloud backups, Xero, Quickbooks Online, & integrations and few more. All customers need to go online to view their mail. For your mail pick up you can select only one address/ one location per client.

Earth Class Mail BBB Rating is A+ and all its employees are HIPAA certified. Earth Class Mail CEO is Doug Breaker and Earth Class Mail Founder, Board Chairman, and former CEO are Ron Wiener.

Earth Class Mail Features

  • Digital Mail Is Actionable Mail – Streamline, organize, and collaborate all your important office mail documents. They will scan your entire incoming mail convert it to hi-res PDF for you to search them just like email. Delivered to you as digital documents you can do anything with them – easily discard junk, save and forward critical mail. Scan in black-and-white or full color available. Store the physical copies or shred them securely.
  • Take Your Mail Wherever You Go – With Earth Class Mail you no longer have to be physically present to receive your mail. Check your mail from anywhere in the world. Pick an address from their national network of 20+ U.S. addresses and many PO boxes for your business. Share your virtual address with customers, business partners, and investors. All plans include at least one street address or PO box of your choice. Add more addresses starting at $20/month.
  • Conveniently Use The Apps You Love – You can seamlessly integrate your digital mail into the applications that run your business. Go paperless with mail scanning and cloud integrations. From accounting and billing software to storage applications, they have you covered. All your business documents scanned to PDF and synced to cloud storage, and many more. This is the easiest way to manage documents for attorneys, law offices, accountants, and bookkeepers.

How Does Earth Class Mail Work?

  1. Pick an Address in a City of Your Choice – They have a list of premier US addresses to select one as your virtual address. Consider this as your permanent mailing address regardless of your physical location, or create a virtual mailroom for you.
  2. Your Mail Passes Through ECM Secure Facilities – With ECM there is no need to touch, sort, or stack the office mail again. All your mails will be logged, organized, and stored securely by one of their HIPAA certified technicians.
  3. Check Your Mail – For Checking your mail, just log into your Earth Class account from your computer or Smartphone. Here, you can review the front and back of each piece of mail as a high-resolution PDF document with searchable text.
  4. Take Action – Within your Earth Class account, you can decide what actions to take on your mail. You can trash, recycle junk mail, deposit checks, download important documents to save, or forward to the concerned person, etc. You can also choose to store it, shred it or recycle it.
  5. Integrate with the Apps You Love – You can integrate with QBO, Xero,, Box, Google Drive and others to help you close out invoices and save documents for future use.

Earth Class Mail Pricing

All your mail and checks handled easily for you at affordable prices. The three business plans offered here are –

  • Mail Automation – It includes 1 virtual address, 50 mail content scans, and 3 recipients at $99 pm.
  • Check Depositing – It includes 1 virtual address, checks depositing 30 deposits and 3 recipients at $99 per month.
  • Full Suite – It includes 1 premium address, 50 mail content scans, checks depositing 30 deposits, and 10 recipients at $179 per month.
  • $49 pm Virtual Address plan – Get started with $49 per month Virtual Address plan. With this get a real commercial business address, unlimited envelope scans of all inbound mail and a free online notary session for ID verification. Pay as you go for mail content scans and checks deposit.

The Starter and Professional plans include one PO Box or street address. The Startup plan includes one PO Box, street address or premium street address. The Business plan includes three addresses of any kind. For adding additional addresses, more content scanning, mail storage, etc. pay more to avail these services.

Earth Class Mail Addresses

They have an extensive Virtual Address Network of real addresses or PO boxes ready for you to receive your mail. Use them for your virtual address, mail scanning, and mail forwarding. They have Street or PO addresses in New York, Oregon, California, Georgia, Alabama, Virginia, Texas, Florida and across USA cities. Earth Class Mail carriers are USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL and Courier as one or more of these.

Earth Class Mail Alternatives

These days, selecting a virtual mail, virtual business address, lockbox, and mail forwarding services are getting challenging. This is because it is filled with various options from small startups to giant organizations.

Some companies offer a full suite of virtual business services, while some others specialize in just one or a few core features. Further, the wide variety of pricing, features, addresses, plan options and more makes the matter more complicated. Hence, it is important to choose the provider that best fits your own needs. Compare the alternatives to Travelling mailbox, anytime mailbox, etc to find why Earth Class Mail is different.

Earth Class Mail Competitors Comparison Chart – Earth Class Mail Vs Traveling Mailbox Vs iPostal1

  Earth Class Mail Traveling Mailbox   iPostal1
Exterior Scans Unlimited 40-200 ($0.25/ea after) 30-240 Included, varies by plan
Interior Scans 50-650 Documents (20pages/doc, both sides) 35-180 pages ($0.50/ page after, single side) $2/scan (6pages/ doc, single side)
Recipients 1-25 (Custom available) 03-10′ 1 Business, 5 recipients
Addresses 80 plus premium and custom 14, no premium 50 Plus
Keep your own address yes No No
Multiple addresses Yes No
Secure shredding Yes Yes $2/ item (6 pages/item)
cloud storage Unlimited Limited Yes, 2-4GB
Physical Storage 30 Days free 60 Days free 30 Days free (trashed after free period)
Access Features Admin control + Multi-User Single User Single User
Automation Rules Engine + CheckStream None None
Cloud integration Dropbox, Box, Gdrive Evernote, Dropbox, Evernote, Dropbox,
Accounting integration Bill, QuickBooks Online, Xero No No
Live support Yes Yes Yes
Check Deposit Yes, CheckStream Yes, Manual Manual
Pricing Starts from $99 Starts From $15 Starts From $9.99


Earth Class Mail Coupon Codes

You will find plenty of Coupon codes and Promo Code For Earth Class Mail. Ongoing Earth Class Mail Coupons & Promo Codes are – 3 months free upgrade to any premium address, Check deposit service 50% off will be applied to your first bill, 10% off any mail plan for 3 months, etc.

Earth Class Mail 100% Guarantee

You can try Earth Class Mail risk-free for 30 days and see yourself how Office Mail Automation can help make your business easier. If you are not happy with the ECM services, cancel within 30 days from signup to receive a full refund of any plan fees charged for that period less usage fees.

Earth Class Mail Support Services

They offer the various support options such as Plenty of Information on its website, FAQs, Forum, Knowledge Base, Online Live Support, Phone Support and Video Tutorials. You can avail –

  • Earth Class Mail Customer Service Support live Monday-Friday, 6am-6pm Pacific Time
  • Call on Earth Class Mail Phone Number 855.572.8900/ Sales Phone 847-558-2339
  • Get email support on

Reviews Of Earth Class Mail

Well thought-out functionality, good customer service, works as advertised, very user-friendly, easy to learn and use, incredibly convenient and more are the praises from users in Earth Class Mail Reviews. Many people say ECM makes dealing with mail very easy and fast when they are away from home. Users are happy to have all their important mails scanned and stored in one place. Users found the software is easy to navigate and use – save/delete/ship/scan, etc. Many clients say they have well-informed Employees who are extremely polite and helpful. Plus, customer service representatives are qualified and highly trained to solve all queries very assertively.

However, some people point to few drawbacks of ECM. Few people found sometimes the software is a little slow to load, while some say negatively about the limited number of real street addresses available and the delay in receiving your mails, some say it is little pricey. But, overall, it is highly recommended to anyone who would like to avail this type of Services.


If you are a professional or run a law firm or own a startup or mid-size business/ enterprise Earth Class Mail can assist you to scan the high volume mail content. Its world-class services and features backed by 30 days Guarantee justify being little pricey. Buy Earth Class Mail Plan at Best Price $49 today.