Vinity Soft- Business Software Solutions

Vinity Soft- Business Software Solutions

Vinity Soft is a vehicle tracking or fleet management software which meets all the essential needs with regard to managing a vehicle fleet. The system is user friendly and keeps your tracking much faster. The servicing reports are all up-to date and can be customized by any user. Vinity soft is the best software solution that helps in collecting data and expenses for a fleet of equipment’s of all kind.

What is fleet management software?

Fleet management software is a computer software that helps you to accomplish a series of management activities relating to a fleet of vehicles operated by a company, government or any other organization. This includes operational activities from the very first stage of vehicle acquisition to the end stage of vehicle disposal. The main function of vehicle fleet management software is to collect, store, process and monitor the information and generate reports and export information. Some of these processes include driver license management, routine maintenance, tax and insurance due dates and scheduled maintenance.


The concept of fleet management software was first introduced in mainframe computers in the 1970s. Later on, they shifted to personal computers in the 1980s which was then widely used and became practical as the increasing amount of vehicle related legislation has been brought in.

Products offered:

  • Vehicle Fleet Manager 4.0
  • Vehicle Fleet Manager 3.0

Area of activity of customers includes:

  • Transportation
  • Construction industry
  • Services
  • Cities and Governments
  • Agricultural sector
  • Medical field
  • Aviation industry

Vehicle Range:

  • Heavy vehicles : like Trucks, trailers, loaders, bulldozers
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Service Vehicles: taxis, ambulances, police cars, buses
  • Light vehicles: Bicycles, cars, boats,
  • Others : Limousines, aircraft

Vehicle Fleet Manager 4.0

Vehicle Fleet Manager of Vinity Solutions is the best tool that helps to collect data and expenses for a fleet of equipments of all kind. The software is user friendly, which enables quick and easy setup. It’s a one-time payment which means that you need not pay yearly or monthly. You can share Vehicle Fleet Manager with as many workstations as you wish over your local network. By installing this software from your home, you can access the database located at your office. The other best part is that Vinity Soft offers a 30-day money back guarantee after your purchase.

Vehicle Fleet Manager 3.0

This program will help you to store the information, manage and consult services regarding your vehicle fleet in a quick and efficient way. Vehicle Fleet Manager 4.0 is designed for heavy-weight vehicle firms, service companies, and business too. If you have a fleet of 3 or 1000 vehicles, Vinity Soft provides you the best solution to meet your expectations.

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