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Vinity Software

Managing your fleet has gained lot of importance these days owing to the increasing fuel prices and driver shortages. A properly managed fleet benefits in accurately managing the fuel consumption, maximising the satisfaction level of drivers, increasing profitability thereby retaining the customers.

Vinity Soft

Vinity Soft Fleet Manager is an online solution provider for keeping track of your vehicle records. These records can be made accessible to anyone and everyone in the company. This was founded in the year 2007 in Canada, Quebec. This software is user friendly, easy to setup and cost effective too. It widely services to pool of customers from various types like for large transport firms, service companies, corporates and business companies. The Vehicle Fleet Management program helps in efficiently and effectively managing your fleet.

It also helps in maintaining the driver information, accident tracking, management of inspection and inventory, maintenance of scheduling and tracking, mileage tracking, tire management, vehicle information, work order management and so on. As it is a desktop application it also caters to a number of advantages when compared to the web based applications.


There are two version of Fleet Manager available: Vehicle Fleet Manager 3.0 and Vehicle Fleet Manager 4.0. There are only slight differences to the both and the features are mentioned below:

Features of Vehicle Fleet Manager 3.0:

  1. Create Service Schedules and Automatic Reminders – Scheduling is very important for time management. This is will ensure that you complete the task in the given period of time. Automatic Reminders will help you to make a systematic time frame and give you reminders on what task to do when.
  2. Reports – Reports are generated in a detailed and understandable form and you can clearly draw inferences from it. You can find out the operating costs of your vehicle fleet, the decisions you have to make, manage the other fleets and so on all with the help of these reports. The reports are also available in printable format which makes it more convenient for you.
  3. Export and Import – You can export your data and import it to the MS Excel Format. As most of the people are convenient is doing calculations and printing out data from the Excel format this feature turns out to be a huge benefit.
  4. Create Groups of Vehicles – Creating groups of vehicles is an effective fleet strategy. It assists in giving you an easy breakdown of your fleet. Groups are efficient because there are changes in the procurement, maintenance, running and disposal of the various vehicles.
  5. Monitor fuel consumption – Fuel consumption is an important factor if not monitored well can cost you some money on the total cost. It does not only affect the company but also the environment as higher consumption of the fuel can also result in increased emissions of greenhouse gases.
  6. Manage Users – First and foremost thing you must do before sharing your documents and records are to manage the users. It is not safe to disclose all the information to everyone in the company. Also make sure that only specific parts of the programs which are of utmost importance are granted access to for the other users.
  7. Drivers Information – It is always best to track and manage the details and information of your drivers. Maintain records of their personal details, previous work details, accident history if any and family background too. If not immediately it might benefit you in some point during the work.
  8. Vehicle Information – Vinity Soft also has a feature where you can keep all the information about your vehicles at the same place. This is easier for accessing, analysing and preparing reports.
  9. Share It- There is a “Share It” feature which is available in both the versions of Vehicle Fleet Management where you can share the information, record and database to as many users from your local network. This helps in saving a lot of time and effort.
  10. Accessibility – You can also access you Fleet Management program form anywhere you want. It need not just be from the workplace. It is easy to download and install and you can use it from your home too. This feature is available only in the Network editions.
  11. Ultra-fast after-sales service – Vinity Soft is also equipped with an excellent team of customer service. Any problems or issues arise after you purchase, you can avail to all the after-sales services which is quick and efficiently running to date.

All these help in not only effectively managing your time and effort but also help in extending the useful life of the vehicles. You can improve the labour productivity and enhance the customer satisfaction.

Features and Advantages of Vehicle Fleet Manager 4.0

  1. Quick and Easy Setup – Vehicle Fleet Manager is easy to manage and set up. It would take only minutes to download it and start your fleet managing work. There is also a fully functional 30-day Trial pack available absolutely for free. So you can well understand how this product functions before taking any risks.
  2. User Friendly and Elegant – This product is very user friendly. Even a Fleet Manager having a layman’s knowledge in computer can easily understand the instructions and use it.
  3. One-Time Payment – It just requires a one-time payment with no burdening you with monthly and yearly fees.
  4. Share it – The ‘Share it” option you can share the data and records with as many workstations over your local network. You don’t have to go through the trouble of forwarding the work list and records after each entry you put it. This helps to save lot of time and effort.
  5. Remote Access – You can also access to the Vehicle Fleet Management records from home or any place other than your office. All you have to do is to install the Vehicle Fleet Manager at the PC from where you want to access it. It can be easily downloaded to your laptop or tablet.
  6. Satisfaction Guarantee – Apart from the 30 days free trial offer, a 30 days money back guarantee is also offered assuring you complete satisfaction. This is also backed up by 2000+ satisfied customers.

You can also easily upgrade to the next version by just following the instruction given to do so. And also you don’t have to worry about losing your old database. There is always option for back up. Another advantage of this software is that is helps in managing the carbon emission thereby making it environmentally safely too.

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