Established in the year 2006, WiredTree was set up to build a new standard for managed and dedicated VPS hosting. WiredTree focuses on providing superior managed hosting environment for their clients through customer service, innovative network design, a unique set of services and innovative technological advance in server hardware. WiredTree not only focuses on providing managed hosting environment to clients at all levels but provides a true value to their services.

The idea of managed hosting environment was created using a modernized internal support structure to handle the client issues and resolve them in a faster and better way. For this, WiredTree has designed a network that uses two logically separated networks, a public internet network and a private internet network. This modern design provides a wide range of services, which the other providers do not offer.

All servers on the WiredTree network are connected to their “Network-within-a-Network” topology. They include client connections to both public internet and private internet network through their client portal. They make sure that all client servers are separated into private VLANS for additional security. The key features of WiredTree include advanced service monitoring and server performance metrics. WiredTree makes use of the latest advances in server grade hardware such as the dual –core processors, SATA II, IPMI 2.0, SA-SCSI, fully buffered memory and 1000mbps Ethernet ports to ensure that they meet the growing demands of today’s hosting industry.
They provide services such as:

  • Managed dedicated servers
  • Managed VPS
  • Managed Hybrid
  • Support services

Managed dedicated servers:

WiredTree aims at providing managed hosting environment to their clients. All dedicated servers of WiredTree come with 24*7telephone and helpdesk support to fulfill the customer’ requirements. They are fully managed and come up with complete management package including hardware management, network management, operating system and software support, proactive security patches and updates , proactive monitoring, firewall, spam prevention, server hardening and lots more. It helps you to make your web page or site faster by using the advanced technology such as Maria DB and memcached. All managed dedicated servers of WiredTree run the latest version of CentOS Enterprise Linux 6 x86_64 with cPanel/WHM and include full root access.
All managed dedicated servers have access to Grove which allows the users to monitor bandwidth usage, monitor server health through IPMI, perform reboots instantly, review performance metrics such as CPU and memory usage, and access their support system and knowledgebase. A grove allows you to easily edit, add or remove the DNS zones hosted on WiredTree’s name servers.

Full managed VPS hosting:

VPS hosting is a type of web hosting service achieved through dividing a physical server into a number of virtual instances by using virtualization technology. All Virtual private servers of WiredTree are fully managed and run the latest release of CentOs Linux 6*64. VPS nodes are custom built with high quality server grade components. All nodes are dual core processor or hexa-core Intel xeon CPUs making the performance and reliability of the hardware unmatched. WiredTree ensures that your server plan will always be updated to get you the best value. WiredTree plans are flexible and provide scalable options for needs of all sizes.

Fully managed Hybrid server hosting:

It’s a very large and powerful VPS account with guaranteed CPU cores, faster I/O performance and higher memory and disk space allowances. In terms of price, capacity and performance, Hybrid servers fit in-between VPS and dedicated servers. Al WiredTree Linux Hybrid servers are fully managed and come 24*7 telephone and help desk support along. They provide 2 forms of Hybrid servers – Pure SSD Hybrid servers ad SSD Accelerated HDD based RAID-10 servers.

Pure SSD hybrid servers are built using dual 16 core AMD Operon 6200 series CPUs whereas SSD-Accelerated Hybrid servers use dual quad core and hexa-core Intel Xeon CPUs.

If you want to move from your old provider, WiredTree offers complimentary migrations for new server orders from the following control panels: cPanel, Plesk on Linux, DirectAdmin and Ensim/Parallels Pro. Even if you are not sure about your control panel, WiredTree is available to provide free advice.

Support Services:

WiredTree provides support services to take care of your server so that you can manage your business. And they include:

  • Software management: they provide full telephone and help desk support for all software that comes installed in your managed server including the OS and control panel. In addition, they provide security updates to ensure that your server is always secured.
  • Proactive monitoring: WiredTree provides advanced monitoring services for your server and services on it. Each server comes with full day full time monitoring and instant response to any downed services.
  • Hardware management: WiredTree provides full support for the hardware in your server backed by one of the industry’s best SLAs. They also provide asset of tools in their client portal to give you complete control over the hardware in your server.
  • Network management: They provide a reliable networking environment through careful network engineering. Here, each client is privatized to their own private VLAN for security. And the entire network is constantly monitored by them for high performance. WiredTree offers Grove facility b which the client can manage their bandwidth usage and alerts, IP addresses, DNS and more.
  • ServerShield Server Hardening: ServerShield package of WiredTree includes a comprehensive set of services and tools that are designed to enhance the security, reliability and performance of your server. Also includes an advanced firewall, email anti-virus and anti-spam systems, HTTP DOS and intrusion protection, kernel and file system hardening and lots more.
  • Application level management: WiredTree also provides advanced application level management for their clients who like to outsource software monitoring and administration. This open ended management plan is designed to each client on a case-by-case basis to provide an unmatched level of support .

WiredTree provides a customized solution to fit nearly any project and budget. Sites which would benefit from WiredTree application level management include high traffic web sites, SAAS applications, E-commerce sites and large online communities. Thus WiredTree ensure that they meet the growing demands of today’s hosting industry. They offer the industry’s most reliable, advanced and secure complete managed hosting solutions.

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